i know how you kiss

Bonjour! I'm Mia. I'm in a True Love Triangle with Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue. They're both my True Loves.

This blog is mostly Captain Swan with some OITNB and Olicity thrown in. NOT a spoiler-free zone!

Welcome to my special little corner of Tumblr. I'm a small, blonde, college football lover. Los Angeles, California, USA, Planet Earth is where my heart and my home is. But my parents are British. I'm a USC kid & I bleed cardinal and gold. Trojans til I die. Also, big yoga enthusiast (how stereotypically LA of me, right?) and a travelbug. I'm an aspiring cat lady and papercut survivor. Doctor of medicine and speaker of French. Alex Vause and Killian Jones are my sexuality, in equal measures. Nicky is my prison wife. I like to fangirl, figure skate and write OUAT fanfiction in my spare time.

The fact that he actually tagged Captain Swan though.
  • 30 April 2014
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